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The Magician Nathan

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About The Magician Nathan

Private & Public Events

My performances have a jaw-dropping effect whether they be at a public or private setting. I customize all facets of my act depending on the audience and location, and always manage to create an engaging and unforgettable experience. Contact me to learn more about what I do best and what I can do for your next event.


Close-Up Magic

I'm a professional magician in the North Georgia area, I've been performing magic since I was seven years old. My largest crowd was around 2,700 spectators where I performed strolling close up magic. In 2018 I performed on Americas Got Talent and doing so I met some amazing magicians that I've idolized since I was little. Throughout the years I’ve been working hard to develop my own repertoire and make sure I stand out in the entertainment scene. My Close-Up Magic routines are guaranteed to be full of wonder and amusement and can be modified for all ages and venues. I am available for daily performances, special events, and festivals. Send me an email to learn more about my rates!




Producing a live animal has been one of the oldest traditions in the world of magic, and I am one of the magicians who will continue to keep this tradition alive! Please let me introduce the best magician's assistant there is; Tubs! Tubs is a lion's head rabbit and has perfected the art of appearing before your very eyes. 

Nathan Davidson - Magician

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